We live in deeds,

not years,

in thoughts,

not figures on a dial.

We should count time

by heart throbs.

He most lives

who thinks most,

feels the noblest,

acts the best.
Philip James Bailey

Donation trunk

Where it all happens....

Our office for processing and packing our Care Packages is in the basement of the First Baptist Church of Hingham. Donors deposit their contributions in the brown Donation Trunk (left) in the parking lot to the right side of the church The sign below marks the spot.

Once the donations are moved to our “Command Central” rooms inside, we start to work immediately... organizing, preparing, wrapping, packaging.

When the packages are completed and taped tightly shut, the boxes move to the next stage of preparation.  We buy online postage for each box and run labels, generate customs forms, and produce office reports.

Next the labels and customs forms are adhered to the Care Packages and they are moved back into the outside trunk to await carrier pickup by the USPS. 

Care Packages must be addressed to individual deployed Soldiers.  We call these individuals our “Point Leaders.”  
They receive our Care Packages and then distribute them 
to their entire units.

For safety and security, all Care Packages are processed at our office.  This also allows customization of the packaged items as requested by our troops.

Established in 2005