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VITALS is a project of the First Baptist Church of Hingham, MA, a 501(c)(3) organization, and a 100% volunteer based operation that sends Care Packages to all military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard.

Our Care Package initiative was founded in 2005 and has shipped 64,500+ lbs. to deployed troops.

     Care Packages can contain toiletries, prepackaged food and snacks, entertainment items, and personal cards/letters.

     Care Packages must be addressed to an actual deployed individual.  We call such a person a “Point Leader.”  He/she receives our Care Packages and then distributes the contents to the entire unit. 

     We are funded entirely by financial and supply contributions. We encourage community involvement and gratefully receive supply donations at our office from local contributors. On some occasions supplies or cards/letters are mailed to us for our use.  We are happy with any and all contributions.

     We will provide support as long as our units are deployed.

     Since we are based totally on volunteerism, all financial or supply proceeds go directly to our Soldiers. Nothing is taken out or kept here for operating expenses, payroll, or other costs. You can feel secure that 100% of your contribution is going exactly where you intend it to go.

     We do not pay for fundraising campaigns or events.

     All financial contributions will be used to buy supplies (food, toiletries, etc.) requested by each individual troop unit, or to pay for the postage to mail the Care Packages.

     Each Care Package is shipped in a Priority Mail APO/FPO flat rate box supplied by the USPS and costs $17.80(!) in shipping.

     For how to donate (either once or recurring), click here.

     We ensure the fulfillment of our donors’ charitable intent.

     We strive to send items that are requested by each troop. Circumstances and needs vary with each unit.

     Click here for a list of generally needed items.

     Contents of Care Packages have been donated by individuals, schools, organizations, churches, and companies that donate their own products or facilitate employee donation drives.

     Click here to see where it all happens.

     For safety and security, all Care Packages are processed at our office.  This also allows customization of the packaged items as requested by our troops.

     We have grown to the point that this website has been created. Now that we are involving a nationwide community by the introduction of this website, PayPal, and Facebook links, we are encouraging financial donations due to the practicality of physical distance of some from our office.  If you are located near or in Hingham, MA, we still encourage supply donations if that is your preference.

About Us

Established in 2005