Established in 2005

Express your respect and appreciation.  There are a number of creative ways, and this page is only a start:

DONATE on this site.

Remember...100% of any donation goes nowhere but to our Soldiers!

        You can also set up a recurring monthly donation in any amount.



NOTE:  We realize that COVID19 precautions may apply to some of the below.

__Spread “the word” about us on your social media pages, or in your emails.

__Card/letter writing campaigns within any of your circle of friends, organizations, church, employment.

__If you live locally in or near Hingham, MA, contribute your unwanted books, CD’s, videos, DVD’s, records, comics, or audio books to our Discover Books container beside the First Baptist Church, 85 Main Street.  Any proceeds are deposited in our Benevolence Fund and directed to postage for Care Packages.

__Party, party, party!  Have a picnic, Hawaiian luau, BBQ, cookout, or pool party and ask each attendee to bring a donation for our Troops. It could be a card, even with a financial contribution inside the card (money order, check made out to the First Baptist Church Benevolence Account), or actual supplies if you are close enough to deliver to our offices.
__You can do the same for other holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).  Especially make July 4th more than the usual. 
__You can do the same for birthday parties.  We have received party donations from a 6 year old and a 70 year old. Age makes no difference.
__Have a Halloween party or collect unwanted candy and other goodies from treat-or-treat bags if you are close enough to deliver to our offices.
__Host a beach picnic and ask for donations.
__Generate contests between summer camps, religious youth groups, or Sunday School classes to fill a jar with change.  Or have them write/draw cards.
__Use these ideas for Scout projects or after-school clubs.  Have them write/draw cards.
__Use these ideas for class or school service projects.
__Host a “no-special-occasion” party and ask for donations.
__Create handmade gifts.

We could not serve our Soldiers without